The Varolo Journey

Like many others, I fell victim to Varolo.  After spending months building a village and letting money build in my vault, they refused to pay!  This happened years ago so please be advised if Varolo 2.0 comes out or similar "make money" campaigns with Kevin Princes name on it.  When I signed up to Varolo I was looking for extra money, hours were tight at work at the time and every little bit helped.  Fast forward past Varolo and our boring financial problems and read a very simple way to save hundreds and even thousands a year doing something fun that takes very little time, couponing.

Manufacture's have tried many ways to get consumers to buy their products.  From ad watching websites like the now defunct to the mailing of free samples offered and distributed by countless sites across the web.  Although many companies still offer free samples, many top manufacture's are turning to regular ol' coupons.  I know, the very thought of having to search high and low through a stack of different newspapers to find a few usable coupons is nauseating.  Most consumers have grown tired of this approach and manufacture's have caught on.

Enter the new era of printable coupons.  Printing coupons from your own computer and printer will save you time and money!  Most sites that offer printable coupons will give you a list or table of the coupons available including images and a description of items covered on the coupon.  These are regular manufacture coupons and are accepted at most stores.  Many free sites exists and if they are charging for coupons I would probably stay clear.

I personally like a no frills site like while others may like a site like that have a bit more flare.  When visiting coupon sites you will need to allow java to run to see certain "Savings Centers" along with the first time printing coupons you will need to install a coupon printing app that translates the coupon data into a printable usable coupon from your printer.  Usually the site will guide you through a quick install and you're ready to print.  Whatever site you choose you will select the coupons you want to print.  After that you just have to print them.  A lot of information is out there about what printers to use and how to save the most money when printing coupons.  If this is your first time printing your own I would suggest checking out some of the basics over at

Sorry for going off on a coupon rant but many families are looking for ways to earn money and are overlooking a great easy way to save literally hundreds and thousands a year just from regular shopping trips.  We print our own and the last two years our families Christmas has been covered from just printed coupon savings.

The Best of Luck and happy saving!